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Masquerade is an old-school FPS blended with classic adventure games, with a stylised cel-shaded look that creates a modern and fresh FPS experience.

- Surreal fantasy setting inspired by prog-rock album covers.

- Ferocious combat that has players fighting up to 100 enemies at once,
challenging even veteran FPS players.

- Adventure elements; Draw maps, talk to NPCs, solve puzzles, and unravel a story that's more involved than the conventional FPS. 

- Smooth and fast skill-based movement, with wall jumps, sliding, flips, slope physics, dashing, and even more movement abilities that unlock over the game.

- Masks that the player can find and wear, changing up your playstyle and giving you powerful abilities, at the cost of your health.

- Lengthy and varied hand-crafted levels that combine exploration, combat, platforming, and puzzles, with items and keys unlocking souls-like shortcuts.

- Cast of unique enemies that build over the course of the game, and have varied designs, personalities, and roles in combat encounters.

- Dropkick

What's in the demo?

Currently, the game is early in development, so there's:

1 level out of a planned 11

3 weapons out of a planned 9

6 enemies out of a planned 20

You also get a dev sandbox to play around in, which is the level used for testing, and is where you can see the game's 5th and 6th enemy.

There also may or may not be a secret way to access some cut maps ;)

StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorChimp Games
Tags3D, Action-Adventure, FPS, fps-platformer, Singleplayer, Unreal Engine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
LinksDiscord Server, Twitter


masq demo 7.zip 610 MB

Install instructions

Open the zip file using 7zip or WinRAR, extract the game folder, and run 'Masquerade.exe'. 

Development log


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Whew this game was INSANE lol!!! Had a great time playing, felt lost a good few times and not really understanding what was going on (not sure if reading the letters would have helped but skipped reading for time in the video). There seems to be a few bugs, specifically with the kick off things, if i killed things with a kick it'd just send me flying, one time sending me from the 3rd island back to the first, but pretty sure if I didn't double jump it would have sent me further, probably just straight over it (caught in the video). There were also times where wall jumping just didn't seem very effective, but after some repeated tries it worked. Hope you enjoy the video! 

thanks for this demo, cant wait to play full game

Deleted 2 years ago

they approached me in DMs on discord several days ago and i declined the offer. i have no interest in their games or their launcher

Deleted 2 years ago

Hiii, I've made a video about the game and I wanted to share some feedback about it :D, hopefully it is useful for the development :)

-The idea for the game is pretty interesting and the gameplay mechanics fit perfectly it's description, the gameplay feels fast and smooth and I really loved being able to run and shoot some enemies at that speed.

-The gameplay mechanics could be a little bit more polished, but they actually work quite well, the only one I had problems with was the "wall jump"/"wall kick" at least for me it was quite hard to do it correctly.

-The visual style fits perfectly the style of the game and just could be improved a little bit by putting some extra work on the ilumination of the scenes :

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


thanks for the video! its very helpful to see how players respond and learn the mechanics. another commenter brought up how tricky the wall kick section is too, so a nerf for that part is coming in the next patch. 

also, out of curiosity, did you beat the level in the end? i've seen 2 gameplay videos so far and neither made it past the first island

You are welcome :D

I didn't beat the level mainly because I got a little bit confused after going back outside of the castle with the key, and because I was in a rush as I work making videos and reports for videogames and I was a little bit slow haha :)

Only problem with it so far, you have to stop and press "E" to climb ladders, it kind of kills the pacing for me.

The game does feel very good, my only complaint would be that for the area with the 3 boxes you have 2 destructible boxes that make jumping to the roof tops a lot harder (the wall jump area feels impossible to pull off?). 

I would suggest to add some kind of slight mantling for the jumps. 

This game is so close to being good. The game place takes on floating islands, where if you fall off you get your progress set back a rather decent bit, and yet you give the character close to 0 air control. If you were to give the character higher air control, and the ability for a double jump to completely reset velocity if it's going the opposite direction, the platforming would feel as smooth as the combat. The double jump thing is mostly because if you kick enemies, a wall, or even jump off a slant you can get thrown in a random direction for no apparent reason, and it's irritating to deal with that when you could have the ability to do a guaranteed recovery.


ty for the feedback. i put out a new patch that includes the double jump change you suggested, as well as increased air control and other changes that hopefully make the movement smoother :)


The double jump feels quite a lot better now, thank you! This game feels so beautiful, I wish you well on its further development. Might I suggest active playtesting, gauging player response as they go and the likes.


Very good game, I could feel the essence of Doom, not so much that of Zelda. Personally, I would make a small modification so that it is not so frustrating that a board falls and you can no longer pass the level. I leave my gameplay where I almost reached the end.

this felt like hlaf life to me