Patch 2 ( +sneak peek at a new enemy)

The download link has been updated with a new build:

- Replaced the plank physics object walkways on first island with static meshes.

- Fixed various null pointer errors. These were causing the "Fatal Error" crash.

- Fixed bug where values shown on option sliders would not always represent actual saved value.

If you come across any bugs or issues while playing, please report them in the comments, or preferably in the discord server. (

I also value any general feedback greatly, especially at these early stages of development.

Anyway, here's a look at the enemy.


Currently a W.I.P, they're introduced in the game's second level. They strafe and jump around the player, throwing shurikens in mid-air and spawning clones to back them up. They are weak, but agile, demanding more accurate aim and dexterity than the basic 4 enemies. 

More on the way soon :)



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